Sup? I'm Michael.

I'm a game designer who loves Zelda and has a corgi named Einstein.

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Online Income and Growth Report 1

By | Game development, Income reports

Following the fine example set by Mattew Bowden aka @TrueValhalla, I’ve decided that each quarter I’ll publish a fully transparent report which documents my online earnings and growth. This is the first one so it will be more planning, goals and initial numbers. What I did in Q1? Prep work mostly to start working on my game development a couple nights a week in June. May was really a lot of education on web development, travel, and working a lot on MongoDB. A couple years in business I just realized it today. Since I started this adventure I’ve earned roughly $14,000*…

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SublimeText 3 Plugin Recommendations

By | Game development

I’ve been using SublimeText 3 for the past two months to hack on and found a couple essential plugins that use constantly. Package Control is a must. This lets you easily install all the packages avaliable for sublime. ALLAutoComplete all the things. It finds text in all files and helps to suggest words. Super useful. MarkdownPreview and MarkdownEditing lets you edit markdown within Sublime. Why change your focus when you don’t need too? ColorPicker lets you easily find hexcodes for colors. Saves me from opening photoshop or looking up a hexcode site. Git lets you run git commands from Sublime, it’s lovely. I…

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Dog ownership

By | Life

It’s kind of like having a kid that never learns to take care of themselves but one of the best decisions you’ll ever make? Einstein is my furry life companion. He loves peanut butter, thinks carrots are treats, smiles all the time and is very curious about ice cream. He’s 4 years old and has grown up pretty much by my side. A couple years ago when my old man passed away. I was having a rough time dealing with that fact and felt pretty alone. I always wanted a dog and decided that getting a dog would be a…

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