I recently met a game developer that I follow online via twitter in person. We’ve only had a couple very brief online conversations before then. From an online perspective I really respect his opinions on gaming and design.

I decided to reach out to him and see if he wanted to meetup to have a drink, chat about games and life. I initially sent him an email but he didn’t respond… I waited a good two weeks. So I tried twitter and got a response in seconds. I’ve come to realize that folks under 30 didn’t really grow up with email like we did. So just not as commonly used as twitter or any other social network. The times are changing.

In retrospect, he was a really down to earth person. Often times you meet someone offline and they’re not the person you think you know online. I’m glad this wasn’t one of those cases. I’ll definitely be grabbing a drink with him again sometime soon.

Listen to the music snippet on kickstarter here.

Dog Ownership

It’s kind of like having a kid that never learns to take care of themselves but one of the best decisions you’ll ever make?


Einstein is my furry life companion. He loves peanut butter, thinks carrots are treats, smiles all the time and is very curious about ice cream. He’s 3 1/2 years old and has grown up pretty much by my side.

A couple years ago when my old man passed away. I was having a rough time dealing with that fact and felt pretty alone. I always wanted a dog and decided that getting a dog would be a good distraction from that.

I was in Florida visiting a friend when I made this life choice. We looked online for local breeders and visited kennel nearby. Just so you know, Einstein wasn’t the type of dog I had in mind when I was going to the kennel. I was actually looking for a white lab that I wanted to name “Falcor”. When we were at the kennel there was this little furry hamster with an odd waddle that followed us around. He was smiling and kept licking my leg giving me this look of endearment. This hamster was Einstein, a corgi runt that was only 3 weeks old. Call me weird but it felt like he chose me. To this day he continues to give me that same look endearment. Rain or shine.


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