I'm Michael and that's Einstein my furry companion. We travel around the world working with developers on various projects and speaking about game development or future technologies. I also run the Unity User Group in New York. I primarily focus on design and development but I'm starting to learn how to do 2D/3D Art.  

What is RAWRsoft?

It consists of two mammals: Michael Calvert, artist, and founder; Einstein, corgi, and mascot. The name originates from teaching my dog to bark quietly inside. He literally rawr's softly in doors.

What games influence you?

Damn good question. Firewatch, ABZU, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Fez, Zelda, Earthbound, and a lot of throw back stuff. I try and balance instant gratification with deep grandiose over lurching stories.

What do you use for development?

I mainly use Windows.


  • Microsoft Surface Book w/ Performance Base 16GB + 1TB HD + DGPU
  • Microsoft Kinect 2
  • Google Pixel 128GB Phone


  • Unity - my primary game engine
  • Visual Studio- what I code in
  • Clip Studio EX - what I draw with for 2D art
  • Moho Pro - what I animate 2D art with
  • Asesprite - for creating 2D pixel art
  • 3D Coat - for painting 3D models
  • Qubicle - creating lego-like voxel content
  • Blender - for creating 3D models
  • Substance Painter 2 - for painting textures
  • Camtasia- for recording courses and editing video
  • Github - for checking in code, cataloging talks, and lessons.
  • Slack - for chatting with my team, and you all.
  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) - for streaming to Twitch.