RAWRsoft is an independent game studio based in New York. It mainly consists of two mammals: Michael Calvert, designer, and founder; Einstein, corgi, and mascot. The name "RAWRsoft" originates from Michael teaching Einstein (his dog) to bark quietly inside. He literally rawr's softly in doors.

We're working on two games

- Dragged Away is a game about overcoming fears.

- Little Fuzzballs is a narrative experience about pets and people.

If you're interested in keeping up with our development you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Patreon. You can also just get an email when we release games and tutorial content, see below.

Learn game design + development?

We started a Patreon campaign (It's like Kickstarter but for tipping creators for multiple ongoing projects) to create game design and development tutorials for aspiring Unity creators to help them build their dreams while I create my own. You'll learn the basic to advance skills needed to design and develop content from scratch.

For Example:
- Design: How to prepare, research and plan your game.
- Development: How to code your game.

Check it out!

Get in touch?

Have questions? Check our press page first but if that thing you wanted to know is not there or you have a business inquiry? Just email us.