Michael Calvert

A game artist in the pursuit of dopeness.

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I’ve been a part of the games industry for many years currently heading Gaming Evangelism at Sketchfab, the leading platform to market your games and discover 3D/VR content online. I have an extensive knowledge of community strategy, growth hacking, game art, and the production pipeline. Very keen on current and future  industry trends and in my free time I enjoy speaking and teaching when I can.


I’ve helped lead high profile marketing campaigns and community projects for companies such as The White House, Relic, Starbreeze, Gearbox Software, CNN, Telegraph UK, BBC America, McClatchy Interactive, Wired, Current, Nvidia, IGN, Destructoid, and many more…


Gaming Evangelism


Speaking Engagements

Industry Recognition


Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAWRsoft?

The name originates from teaching my dog to bark quietly inside. He literally rawr’s softly in doors. RAWRsoft itself is basically me and my dog Einstein.


What games influence you?

Damn good question. Firewatch, ABZU, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Fez, Zelda, Earthbound, and a lot of throw back stuff. I try and balance instant gratification with deep grandiose over lurching stories.


What do you use for game art and development?

I mainly use Windows.



  • Wacom Studio Pro 16 (i7, 16GB RAM 512SSD and Quadro M1000 DGPU) for all the things.
  • ASUS ROG GR8 II Mini-VR Desktop Computer (i5 7400, 32GB Ram, 512GB SSD, 1TB 7200RPM HD, and Nvidia Geforce 3GB 1060)
  • Microsoft Kinect 2 for recording mocap for 3D character animations.
  • Sennheiser HD 7 DJ Headphones for mastering audio and live shows.
  • Apple Airpods for listening to music on flights, walking to work, etc.
  • iPhone SE 64GB Phone for all the mobile things.
  • Google Daydream Headset for mobile VR loveliness.
  • Oculus Rift for all the desktop VR loveliness.
  • CME Xkey 25-key Mobile Keyboard Controller for capturing midi love.
  • Midi Fighter 64 for finger drumming and dank beat making.
  • CAD U37 USB Condenser Microphone for recording audio.
  • Kona K2 Acoustic Electric Dreadnought Cutaway Guitar to play tunes. Still learning.
  • The Controller Backpack V2 for holding all the things.



  • Unity is my game engine of choice.
  • Visual Studio is what I code in.
  • Cakewalk Sonar Platinum is what I use for recording and creating audio for my projects.
  • Fruity Loops Producer for live/goofy beats.
  • Photoshop CC and Clip/Manga Studio EX is what I draw with for 2D art.
  • Moho Pro is what I animate 2D art with.
  • Asesprite is for creating 2D pixel art.
  • 3D Coat is for painting 3D models.
  • Qubicle is for creating lego-like voxel content.
  • Blender and Maya for creating 3D models.
  • Substance Painter 2 is for painting textures.
  • Camtasia and Snagit is for recording courses and editing videos.
  • Github is for checking in code, cataloging talks, and lessons.
  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is for streaming to Twitch.