Live Stream: 3D Art Class using Modo

I’m doing a test run of a class I’ll be teaching in the future through my patreon. If you want to be a part of this experiment then just pick up the $10 student tier on the right on Patreon here.


Here’s an example of something I made in Modo here:

Class description:

MODO’s powerful and flexible 3D modeling, texturing and rendering toolset lets you explore and develop your ideas without jumping through technical hoops, so you can iterate freely to realize your full creative potential. Whether you’re creating real-time content for immersive experiences like games or virtual reality; iterating on concepts; using 3D to communicate, visualize or sell an idea, MODO is your starting point for creative exploration. It combines the speed of Blender with the stability of Maya.

This course will take you from beginner to intermediate as you build a retro game controller. Then model, rig, animate and render your robot for your game, film, or concept art.

Your Path Ahead

This course meets every Tuesday and Thursday for 1-3 hours starting 11/28. Students are required to have a laptop with Modo Installed. Free licenses will be distributed.

Rough Timeline

  • Week 1: Intro to 3D
  • Week 2: Model & Render A Game Controller
  • Week 3: Model A Robot
  • Week 4: Render A Robot
  • Week 5: Rig A Robot Part 1
  • Week 6: Rig A Robot Part 2
  • Week 7: Animate your Robot Part 1
  • Week 8: Animate your Robot Part 2
  • Week 9: Adding polish to your robot
  • Week 10: Sharing and adding to your portfolio

Redesigning The Site

I’m updating my site to accommodate more educational content that I’m teaching both online and locally in New York with Patreon. This means you’ll be able to see more structure courseware that I use here to teach ya.

It’s going to take me a few weeks to get it all working right but I wanted to just let you know ahead of time!


About a month ago I started this personal experiment to be less notified.

What I mean by that is that I’ve only been receiving digital notifications on the important things and going offline for the better part of the weekends to spend more time with non-digital humans and my dog. I used to spend 80–95% of my awake hours online and now it’s about 60%. Less distractions with more time and focus on the important things has definitely improved my life/work balance quite a bit. I’m getting about the same amount of work done if not more at times. I started recently doing yoga every morning, lifting weights a few times a week and have lost about ten pounds with a couple inches off my waist. I had to buy new pants that have not arrived yet. I also don’t have this urge to grab and check my phone or computer anymore. It’s pretty relieving.

What kind of notifications do I receive now?

On my phone:

  • Text messages from contacts I know.
  • Emails from contacts that I know.
  • Phone calls from contacts I know.
  • Instagram for photos and messaging a couple close friends. I’ve been enjoying posting my art and cataloging my life in photos.
  • Only checking Twitter/Facebook/Slack maybe once a day but those apps are uninstalled from my phone.

On my computer at work

  • Slack notifications are on but for only @mentions or @channel blasts.
  • Email notifications from contacts I work with with a special blend for new business.
  • Linkedin notifications

I just wanted to share that little life tidbit that’s helped me out and I hope it helps some of you.

Books with games

Recently I picked up Dishonored 2 and it was the first time I’ve ever seen a game come with a companion paperback novel. The game itself has a deep lore and the novel continues the game after you beat it.

Part of me wonders “would kids today read it?”. I read a couple articles that suggest they would mostly because of Harry Potter and books of that kind. Even with all the distraction of smart phones and technology. Myself as a kid years ago would have tossed it but I was more into comics then. As soon as I beat the game I’m really excited to get into it.

The wisdom of losing

One of my favorite quotes:

You’ll come to see that a man learns nothing from winning. The act of losing, however, can elicit great wisdom. Not least of which is, uh… how much more enjoyable it is to win. It’s inevitable to lose now and again. The trick is not to make a habit of it.

-Henry Skinner

My most last loss was with the game I’m developing Dragged Away. I had been working with a publisher for over a year being lock into a nasty contract. Essentially they were not doing their job but I had to wait for a certain time period to leave it due to broken terms. It was my first time working with a publisher and I learned a lot about the legal dealings behind it, what is a good deal, and what I want if I’m ever to work with another one. If I hadn’t gone through that, I would have not been the wiser today.

Using products to get inspired

Being a game designer is kind of like being a product manager. You need to try new and old hardware, technology or games to get inspired.

Tinkering to come up with new ideas to experiment with is one of my top three favorite things. I also find inspiration speaking with like minded peers. I miss the product summits hosted by USV, they were so exhilarating.

Quality networks

Today after seeing Loic Le Meur former CEO of Seesmic post that he’s just adding everyone that adds him on Linkedin made me question the quality of his network. Which was a good reminder that it’s probably a good time to clean up some contacts on there. Especially since I switch industries from Tech to Games.

For me Linkedin is two things:

  • A resume builder
  • A tool to connect to people in my industry

I actually really like Linkedin after I cleaned up my pulse feed. After reviewing around 9k contacts. I discovered that 35% of people were relevant to my current industry which is gaming, 3d, and virtual reality. It also sparked me to start following up with folks I haven’t been in touch with for awhile.

Muscle/Mental Memory

When I haven’t done an activity in a while, I like to keep repeating that same activity until it becomes more familiar and comfortable.

The same goes for mental tasks. Something I used to struggle with was having difficult conversations. It’s never easy or fun, but if you keep having them they get easier and you start to feel more comfortable having them. This past year I’ve had to make a lot of hard decisions and conversation but I’m starting to feel more comfortable with it. I’m telling you about this because it’s important to challenge yourself.

Starting this Monday I’m beginning one of these activities again. I’m going to start drawing a little doodle each day based on what I write about to improve my traditional art skills. They’re lacking and need improvement but not for long.

Not sleeping

I’ve lived in Hell’s Kitchen (Daredevil territory lulz) for the past two years and have loved it until these past couple months. This area has great food, surprisingly affordable for Manhattan and I live in a building with great people.

From what I’m told by neighbors that keep up with this stuff , our new mayor has cut funding to certain services in the city. Like the mental care / homeless shelter on my street which now has a small security team since that cut. Which means they don’t have the means to keep the place under control often.

My doorman tells me that during the day cops stop by that place 3–4 times with an ambulance. At night there are loud disturbances too. Because of that I’ve been only sleeping a couple hours each night this week and it’s awful. Winter just arrived and you would think folks would be inside with how cold it is but that’s not the case.

Tonight I’m going to try to use a sleep mask and ear plugs but I’m so worried I might not get up in time. I setup an array of alarms on my phone that hopefully wakes me up or annoys Einstein so much he wakes me.

I’m so envious of him right now.