Donating stuff

As I slowly get thinner from working out and the change in my diet. I felt like it was time to clean my closet. I’m growing up in many ways and one of them is getting rid of a bunch of my old clothes which are mostly t-shirts. Startup ones!

I’ll keep my Sketchfab shirts for work but the rest, donated. I kept some of my token star wars t-shirts but I’m starting to dress a bit nicer these days. Collared shirts, nicer shoes, and pants that aren’t jeans all the time. Can you believe it?

So I had all these clothes in a huge pile but needed to figure out how you donate stuff in New York. It was surprisingly a lot harder than I thought! It took me a bit to find GrowNYC. They practically take everything which is awesome and are all over New York. This year I didn’t get to help in the kitchen on Thanksgiving but it felt good helping folks out with some clothes I don’t need anymore.

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