Mentoring the PixelArt Games Academy in Pakistan

For the past month, I’ve been working closely with Sadia Bashir and her students from Pakistan to create a game. We do a video chat twice a week in the morning before I head into work to keep them motivated and stay updated with their progress. They’re a really fun group to work with and have tons of ideas.

Being a mentor is kind of like being a spiritual guide. I’m there to share feedback, advice, and guide them on their journey but not dictate. Then I’d be a spiritual dad and I’m not quite ready for that. 😉

Today we’ve just about finished the game design doc for their game and getting ready to start prototyping. This is my favorite stage of any project, making terrible things into something fun and great.

I really enjoy teaching, it brings a lot of joy into my life and I’m looking forward to sharing more of this project as it progresses.

To learn more about the PixelArt Games Academy:

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