Not sleeping

I’ve lived in Hell’s Kitchen (Daredevil territory lulz) for the past two years and have loved it until these past couple months. This area has great food, surprisingly affordable for Manhattan and I live in a building with great people.

From what I’m told by neighbors that keep up with this stuff , our new mayor has cut funding to certain services in the city. Like the mental care / homeless shelter on my street which now has a small security team since that cut. Which means they don’t have the means to keep the place under control often.

My doorman tells me that during the day cops stop by that place 3–4 times with an ambulance. At night there are loud disturbances too. Because of that I’ve been only sleeping a couple hours each night this week and it’s awful. Winter just arrived and you would think folks would be inside with how cold it is but that’s not the case.

Tonight I’m going to try to use a sleep mask and ear plugs but I’m so worried I might not get up in time. I setup an array of alarms on my phone that hopefully wakes me up or annoys Einstein so much he wakes me.

I’m so envious of him right now.

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