About a month ago I started this personal experiment to be less notified.

What I mean by that is that I’ve only been receiving digital notifications on the important things and going offline for the better part of the weekends to spend more time with non-digital humans and my dog. I used to spend 80–95% of my awake hours online and now it’s about 60%. Less distractions with more time and focus on the important things has definitely improved my life/work balance quite a bit. I’m getting about the same amount of work done if not more at times. I started recently doing yoga every morning, lifting weights a few times a week and have lost about ten pounds with a couple inches off my waist. I had to buy new pants that have not arrived yet. I also don’t have this urge to grab and check my phone or computer anymore. It’s pretty relieving.

What kind of notifications do I receive now?

On my phone:

  • Text messages from contacts I know.
  • Emails from contacts that I know.
  • Phone calls from contacts I know.
  • Instagram for photos and messaging a couple close friends. I’ve been enjoying posting my art and cataloging my life in photos.
  • Only checking Twitter/Facebook/Slack maybe once a day but those apps are uninstalled from my phone.

On my computer at work

  • Slack notifications are on but for only @mentions or @channel blasts.
  • Email notifications from contacts I work with with a special blend for new business.
  • Linkedin notifications

I just wanted to share that little life tidbit that’s helped me out and I hope it helps some of you.

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