Playcrafting Halloween Expo 2016

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays in the United States. I enjoy dressing up and being someone else for a bit. It’s just fun to have a holiday just for that. This year since Star Trek has been top of mind, I decided to be my other favorite character on the cast, Commander Riker.

Being the organizer of the Unity User Group in New York, I work with a lot of other events in the city like Playcrafting. I really love their gaming expos, it’s like a mini GDC/E3 for New York developers. Which is rad because it’s a great place to test your game, get feedback, and just have fun with like minded gamers. This year instead of showing a game, we were sharing Sketchfab and 3D scanning costumes. For those that are new to my blog:

Sketchfab is like Youtube for 3D content. That’s not 360 videos, actual 3D content that you can view in virtual reality (vr) with just a click or tap from any vr headset. So as a game developer it’s cool to be able to share you game in it’s natural form online on your favorite channels natively by just pasting a model link. That’s mean Twitter, Facebook, Steam etc.

This year we were showing off our WebVR integration letting people explore a couple of our favorite 3D models or 3D content they’ve created and uploaded to Sketchfab.

For me, it was really cool seeing kids use Sketchfab. We don’t often get to see that and it was awesome seeing how much fun they had. Some of the artist that stopped by to see themselves next to their creations in virtual reality was neat to see. As a creator, it’s kind of crazy to stand next to something that you’ve made and really see your creation in kind of a natural way.

Big thanks to James and Seori for helping out and being in costume!

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