Potions 101, An Augmented Reality Game

Last year for the global game jam we decided to try and create a augmented reality game in 48 hours. It was quite an experience and we actually finished a pretty polished game. I never really talked about it and thought it was a really good project. Here’s a little bit about it!


You’re one of the four top witches in your class nearing the end of your school term. Your instructor has sprung a pop-quiz for your final exam. It’s his secret ritual he pulls on his top witches each year. You must guess the formula to a very advanced potion. You know it but… you partied too hard last night with your fellow classmates. So you enchant a cauldron to help you guess the proper ingredients.


Try and predict the correct ingredients needed to cast your spell. The first player to cast the spell with the correct ingredients wins.


  1. Print out of the Caldron (where the ingredients get added).
  2. Four dice with markers of the 6 ingredients on each side. (Marker Images included in Assets/Dice/Dice_#.png )
  3. iPhone with the Potions101 (ARGame) app on it.

You can find the code and supplies here.


  1. Roll the four dices.
  2. A player points the phone camera at the dice. The ingredients marker labels glow. The player can re-roll any or all of the four dice once. Then attempt a cast.
  3. On a cast — If the player has all four ingredients correct — they fly out of the dice and into the caldron and that player wins. Otherwise pass the phone to the next player.
  4. The next player re-rolls one or more dice (of their choosing) and casts their own spell.
  5. Repeat until a player has guessed and rolled correctly.
  6. POWER CAST. A player has the option to power cast at the start of their turn. In a power cast they are allowed to change the dice to any ingredients they like and make a cast. If their cast is right they win, but if it’s wrong the player is removed from play. So use with caution.

Strategy Note: pay attention to the previous players’ guesses. That’s the key to winning. It’s sort of like clue where each wrong guess helps eliminate some of the possibilities.


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