Soylent Vampire

I’ve been consuming Soylent (a meal replacement) for about 80% of my diet these past two months. I never really ate breakfast before but Soylent makes it so fast and easy that’s changed. I’m quite busy these days working on some fun projects like Sketchfab and Dragged Away. So not having to spend time going to the market, cooking, and then eating the food. It’s kind of huge for productivity and making more free time for friends and Einsten. Now don’t get me wrong, I still cook from time to time. I find it very therapeutic. I’ve just been happier being able to do what I love and have time to spend with people I enjoy being around. Lastly I spend roughly $240 each month on food which is bananas. Living in New York you can easily spend like 15–30 on a meal. Which means I consume double the meals for have the price.

I bet at this point you’re probably like… Michael has lost his mind but I haven’t really. I see a dietitian each month, waited for others to be my guinea pigs, and spent time doing my research. I didn’t want to kill myself or do something because it’s so “modern”. I’m doing this because it fits my lifestyle.

The funny thing I’ve been noticing lately though is how much I appreciate a real meal when I have it. Our last team lunch Corentin was poking fun at me because I was like really enjoying my meal like making noises and faces. ha I’ve also notice sometimes when walking around and smelling food being food I have these vampire like urges to eat stuff if it’s something I really love like Pizza. But just like any good vampire I try to control my urges. 😉

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