Star Trek Society

I’ve been re-watching and generally thinking a lot about the society in the show. It’s been a pleasant escape from the embarrassing election, the rise of police brutality, the recent bombings in New York, and the general awfulness happening around the world lately. If you’ve not seen Star Trek, it’s a futuristic show about a federation of planets where Earth has one government for the entire planet. In their time they’ve solved several hardships of life like hunger and poverty. Basically all the things we struggle with today.

I can’t help to think, would I be happier in that time? Maybe. Walking around Seattle this past week and previously during PAX Prime. I found it crazy to see how many people were literally living in parks with pitched tents. It made me sad and reminded me of when I was a kid there was a time where my family was almost homeless after my parents divorced. I think a world where we eliminate homelessness would be a better one. There’s no reason people should be living on the street unless they choose too.

When it comes to hunger, I feel like food is just continuously getting more expensive. Living in New York you can easily spend upwards of 20–30+ dollars on a single meal. For the last several months I’ve been supplementing my meals with Soylent. An entire month of food (3 meals a day) is roughly $280. Outside money, it saves me time not having to think about food or cooking it. But, there’s no reason people should be going hungry if they’re willing to work and be a part of society. I feel like it’s so hard to climb back up once you’ve fallen to the bottom.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am proud to be in a place where we can express these thoughts openly and able to forge my own future. I think we can do better and we’re slowly working to be better. It’s just a shame I might not see it in my lifetime.

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