Steam Dev Days 2016

Thanks to Valve and Sketchfab for letting be a part of this really awesome event. I learned oodles and got to meet some great new people and see some oldies but goodies. For me the biggest take aways were the following:

The Open Source Approach

Valve is investing in both content and hardware but they think of VR as the “final platform”. They feel the best systems are open platforms, this means there’s no gate keepers. The two best example platforms of this are the personal computer and the internet. You don’t need permission to do things, you just go build it. They really want to foster this and I applaud them!

They’re starting off with OpenVR (w/ a rad API) and Steam Tracking (formerly lighthouse). It’s really exciting that they’re letting people innovate the space with no royalty or licensing fees for SteamVR. I see new VR gadgets all the time but to have things specific to a platform we all love and build on will be dope.

SteamOS is still a big part of the picture and I’m glad. As much as I love windows, I just think its so cool to have a free OS that focuses on games. Looking forward to updates there, especially speed. 😉

New Vive Controller Prototype

Personally, I’m really excited about this because it solves a problem I have with Little Fuzzballs. I want you to be able to pick up Einstein (my corgi) in virtual reality but it doesn’t feel right with today’s tool set. With this new controller grasping functionality, solved. It’s still in the early days but there’s so much potential is there!

Those were the two biggest things from Valve for me.

Good things by good people


You can find the rest of the photos on Facebook here.

Unity Unite Los Angeles

My next and probably last trip of 2016 will be at Unite LA. Hope to see you there!

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