Unity Unite 2016

I really love attending Unite, it’s good to see what’s new with Unity, see old friends and make news ones. For those that I’ve missed, I’ll see you soon. A lot of meetings this trip. I’ve basically become an adult ;).

What excited you about from Unite 2016?

There’s a couple things that made my face do The People Eyebrow:


100% multi-core utilization, that super exciting. More details in the full keynote below but finally.

Platforms & Services

  • Collaborate: Hopefully a better way to collaborate on Unity projects. I struggle with working with others trying to be efficient and smart with tools like BitBucket or Github. It works but there’s always issues. I hope Collaborate can fix this.
  • Connect: Show off your skills and get hired. Unity is huge and I think this is a super smart. Not to mention Sketchfab is native with Unity Connect so you can share your games in their natural 3D/VR form. Shameless promo but it’s important to know.
  • Made with Unity: This isn’t new but I wanted to mention it because it’s been a wealth of knowledge about projects, experiments and generally cool shit people have been doing.

Be sure to sign up for both Collaborate, Connect and subscribe to Made with Unity.

Adam Demo Released For Download

The most impressive thing I’ve seen run on Unity unless you can prove me wrong. Feel free to in the comments. I’m looking forward to messing around with it. You can too here.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Congratulations to all the Unity Labs folks, especially the ones I know (Timoni West and Jono Forbes). The EditorVR stuff has come a long way and I’m really excited about it. It was built as a Unity package, so you can import it into your project using the open Unity Editor API, just like you would any other tool you find on the Asset Store. Smart and simple. I loved that they used Firewatch to demo it, I know zero people that dislike that game. Not to mention it’s beautiful.

Picture taken by Elliot Mitchell

Here’s some assets on Sketchfab from Firewatch so you can see what I mean by beautiful:


Here’s the entire Keynote:


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