Using virtual reality in everyday life

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to a friend overseas and we’ve been using Virtual Reality (VR) to feel like we’re having a conversation in the same room. It’s funny how quickly it feels normal even though we both have a VR headset strapped onto our faces, two controllers in our hands, and we’re talking in a fake virtual environment. We often spend hours talking without it feeling odd or weird. The only reason conversations usually end is because of the yawn fest that begins. It’s really contagious and unfortunate.

The one experience that I’m really excited for is being able to watch Netflix or Hulu with someone on the same couch in VR. As silly as that may sound, several of my close friends live far away from me. To be instantly transported to them within arms length to share an experience is really appealing. We accomplish this today is by logging onto Skype, loading up the movie, counting down to three, and then pressing play at the same time but it’s just not the same.

Partially because I work at Sketchfab, I often jump into 3D art or scenes with my HTC Vive. The Journey by Emilie Stabell is my favorite scene on our site at the moment. Something about this scene just centers me.

If you wanted to jump into this scene in VR, it’s super easy. Download Chromium or open a WebVR capable browser, load up the link to the model and click the VR icon on the 3D viewer.

Experiences like this get me thinking that VR isn’t far off from being used in daily life and how easily it will be accepted into society today. It’s exciting.

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