Weekly Voxels

I started Weekly Voxels (WV) over a month ago to inspire people to learn and create more voxel art. What commonly most people think of as “3D pixel art or Minecraft art”.

Voxel art is my favorite 3D art form next to low poly art. I think I’m drawn to these art forms due to my minimalistic lifestyle. I like to keep things simple, but beautiful.

There’s been a lot of great submissions, here’s a couple of my favorites:

As some of you know, I’ve been working pretty hard on a secret-ish virtual reality game about my corgi dog and I. I’ve been falling a little behind and realized I could use some extra time in my week. So as of today, I’ve decided to enlist from help from some voxel friends.

My buddy Gabriel (Elbriga) will primarily be running the group! He’s a fantastic 3D artist and one of my favorite people.

Check out some of his voxel art:

I’ll be lurking in the shadows as his mentor and participate when I can. But it’s really his group now.

Today we brainstormed several new ways to grow the voxel community with WV. He’ll has posted a blog on Sketchfab with those details.

Be sure to check out the group on your favorite social network whether it’s twitter.com/weeklyvoxels or on facebook.com/groups/weeklyvoxels.

That guy with the corgi,

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